YouTube link spamming – how spammers drive traffic to websites

Did you know that Google supports link spammers? No? It actually does.


Phentermine pills spam is on the first page. How could this happen? Google loves trusted sites. YouTube is one of its favorites. Link spammers know about it and use it to drive traffic to their spammy pages. Let’s see what’s inside.


There are three nofollow links to spam page. The account was created almost 2 weeks ago. 700+ channel views. Good job guys!

What does it all mean?

1. Google talks about fair play, but doesn’t follow its own rules. You may create unique and valuable content for little orphans, get some backlinks, but … You suck at ranking, because Google trusted websites rank higher than yours.

2. Link spamming is alive, and it always will be. Search engines need links. People need links. Links stay. There is nothing you can do about it.

3. You are free to play your own game. Google is the biggest search engine, but it doesn’t own the Internet. Know your risks and drive some traffic to your websites :}

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