You search pays

Scour is another search engine that pulls data from Google, Yahoo, and MSN. But it also allows users to vote and comment results to make them more relevant. Why anybody would do this? Because of reward system that scour offers.

Is it worth doing?

It depends. If you live in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, U.S., or U.K. then register, install plugin and make some cash. And spend more time reading if you live somewhere else. Look why.

For every search, vote and comment you earn 1 point, i.e. 3 reward points from every search if you vote and comment. But where is daily search limit. You earn reward points from the first 100 daily searches only. It means you can do 300 points per day. Is this enough to buy a beer? Nope.

The reward system for countries listed above is:
6,500 points = $25.00
12,500 points = $50.00
25,000 points = $100

The reward system for other countries is:
50,000 points = $5

It means that U.S. citizen can make $25 in 6,500 / 300 = 22 days, but guy from India in (5 x 50,000) / 300 = 834 days! But don’t leave my blog now if you are from India :] There is something that scour can offer you, referrals!

Invite as many friends as you can and make 25% of the points they make! If your referral makes 300 reward points daily, it is 75 points for you. Ten referrals, 750 reward points and so on.

I forgot to mention that you get 50 bonus points when you register.

Bad things happen

Scour performs regular manual reviews to ensure quality of comments and votes. Don’t spam, don’t use submission scripts, don’t search invalid characters, and don’t promote your site! Otherwise scour will take some points or ban your account. Remember, that scour believes that users vote and comment to make the World better :} Don’t frustrate them, be natural.

Scour is another free SEO tool

If you are not interested in making money with scour you can use it as ranking analysis tool. Yes, another free SEO tool for you guys! Just type keyword you need and check ranking in Google, Yahoo, and MSN. You can sort SERP as well. I like this feature very much, because I can sort SERP on the fly without using special SEO tools.

P.S.: If you find this post useful you can register using my referral url.

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