Why check WordPress themes?

Because you don’t want to promote Viagra and Cialis pills, do you? Make Lynx your friend and don’t let spammers ruin rankings.

Code example (http://www.bbpressthemes.net/navigation/)



Same shit in Lynx


P.S.: Google Webmaster Tools > Labs > Fetch as Googlebot reveals shit as well.

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  1. I have had my sites hacked to have links like this inserted all over the place. It is not a good experience. I would be even more pissed off if I realized my wordpress theme came packed with such links in it already.

  2. I had a site that the customer picked out that had an encrypted footer that contained alot of the CSS code so if you deleted the footer it malformed the page.. such a pain. I tried to buy an non-encrypted version but no such luck.

  3. We all see the bogus links in the footers of some blogs, and you really should be getting rid of them.

  4. Wow that’s pretty sneaky 🙁

    @Metal Briefcase when did that happen? Was it recently? Speaking of which… a few months ago I saw that there were alot of spam like keywords showing up for my website under Google Webmasters, but I never found anything hidden or those words on my website, it was weird… but its gone now… and showing up as normal on Google’s Webmaster tools.

    Till then,


  5. *sigh* I have figured it out, someone inserted some code into the footer of the website, which is why Google was telling me there were all these spam keywords on my webpages. Is there anyway to make sure this doesn’t happen, if the website is wordpress based? Is there an article you would recommend?

    Till then,


  6. I found the same problem with the bbpress theme called Inove.

  7. I find a lot of themes that have hidden links so we should be more careful before using a theme. Always double check the codes that no links are hidden.

  8. Jean I’m sorry to hear that something similar happened to you. There isn’t a whole lot you can do other than ensuring your wordpress is always the most recent version and you use a secure password. I’m sure there is some kind of monitoring service you could use that would detect this.

  9. I had something like this happen to my sites about a month ago, fortunately I was about to get the code out.

  10. I’m having some issues with the latest version of WP, so I’m holding out on it for sometime.

    Till then,


  11. This problem is increasing day by day. Their should some ethical and stable solution for this.

  12. It’s a pretty terrible way to get infected, that’s for sure. I hadn’t really known that this could even be possible.

  13. This Problem is increasing day by day. Lots of People are hacking themes, and getting effected the whole Site. You have done an excellent post to protect the site.

    Thanks a Lot.

  14. As always your examples are great. This is such a clean implementation of a breadcrumb trail. The code and the visual side of it. I think I’ll implement this into some future website templates. Thanks for the simple and helpful tutorial Veerle.

  15. Standard SEO techniques work as well for WordPress blogs as they do for traditional websites. Optimize your posts by targeting keywords in important areas of your blog entries.

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