Why bloggers quit?

Have you ever thought about why bloggers quit blogging? I asked myself the question when I found many dead blogs in the dofollow blog lists. Here are my suggestions why it happens.

You will quit blogging if:

1. No one is reading your blog.

2. Nobody comments your blog.

3. You don’t read and reply comments.

4. You have nothing to say, at all.

5. You don’t have a passion for a topic.

6. You post useless and boring content.

7. You don’t build relationships with other bloggers.

8. You steal ideas, content, pictures, etc.

9. You are scammer.

10. You make 10 big mistakes all money making noobs make.

3 thoughts on “Why bloggers quit?”

  1. All those are so true, along the same lines with number 5, I would also add “you are lazy” to the list but I guess that’s kind of the same thing as what number 5 is already saying.


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