What’s spamming? II

Here is how I collect your domains and links, spammers 😯

All you need is a web service and a plugin. The more blogs are “plugged”, the more domains and links will be saved.

Domain Collector Web Service

The purpose is obvious – save domains to database. You can code smth like that:

if (isset($_POST['domain'])) {
    $mysql_connect = mysql_connect('localhost', 'login', 'password');
    if ($mysql_connect) {
        mysql_select_db('database', $mysql_connect);
        $domain = strtolower(mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['domain']));
        $res = mysql_query("select id from domains where title = '$domain'", $mysql_connect);
        if (!mysql_num_rows($res)) {
            mysql_query("insert into domains (title) values ('$domain')", $mysql_connect);
            mail('your.email@yourdomain.com', "Domain Collector Notification", 'New domain: ' . $domain);

Linkpot Plugin

The plugin hits Domain Collector Web Service (POST) when someone posts a comment and the comment’s approval status is not ‘spam’.

Find the plugin here. It should work with the latest WordPress version. Upload, install and specify params.

I didn’t add the WP Mu support. If you need that, just do it.

All Together

Trolls don’t know domains and links are being collected. One day you’ll spam their blogs and blogs they spam.

PS: Of course, this is not the only way to populate domains & links database. You can find/buy/scrape similar databases and import data. *tip spam tool tip*

PPS: fromzerotoseo.com is powered by Linkpot  😈

20 thoughts on “What’s spamming? II”

    1. Yea I unfortunately have to deal with spammers everyday if I don’t want to miss real comments on my blogs. I do notice some of their comments can trick me with things such as “your rss feed isn’t working” of course I have figured that one out a long time ago, but they change the writing now and then and it can be hard to tell.

      – Robert

  1. I’d love to harness the power of some techniques like this, but my programming skills are fading. These days I can’t be bothered to program anything. So instead I find other ways to find spam worthy sites.

  2. One of these days I will have to hire someone to do some work like this for me. A lot of the spammy marketing techniques may not be as effective in a few years. So it’s best to jump on board while you can.

    1. I totally Agree with you on that one. It is getting harder and harder. I have had a conversation with a few people aboutt his and unless Google wants to hire actual people to go out and search for these sites it si next to impossible, because the way it was set up. Google is all about the algorithm.

  3. Nice one! Spammers are everywhere and it seems their getting worse and worse. My blog is stuffed with all spams and I can’t seem to handle them. I think they post nonsense comments daily.

  4. Good point, Laptop. No matter how good the anti-spam measures have gotten, there’s nothing like someone actually put in charge of dealing with it.

    Till then,


    1. This is tough and they are getting more and more creative as well. It does take way more time than it used to, to filter out all the weird comments

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