Twitter email grabber

Attention spammers! Webpronews exposed great email grabber idea. Find the PHP sample code below and grab, grab and grab emails from Twitter search.


Sample script

$file = file_get_contents("");
$file = strip_tags($file);

Sample output


Before you start

  • Use PHP cURL and proxies instead of file_get_contents.
  • Write your own search query and regular expressions.
  • Remember, spam is bad! πŸ™‚

Bye bye!

14 thoughts on “Twitter email grabber”

  1. mixed your code with the following code together with another user dor@tehexploa at – im relatively new to the world of scraping but your blog has helped immensly, probably not the neatest of code but works for now….

    obviously this script is just for educational purposes, as actually emailing any emails gathered would be considered spam and in some places illegal we all know spam is bad so dont do it as you could be punished by big hefty fines!

    //set # of pages (5) to scrape

  2. For those who haven’t played with advanced search on twitter, add &rpp=50 to the end of the search string (rpp = results per page)

    And yes, it can be extended to 1000, 10000, etc πŸ˜‰


  3. This is a great tool for spammers to get emails. Even though its illegal many spammers still email emails they acquire by scraping websites.

  4. Will you people PLEASE stop spamming people. Does it turn you on when you send spam or something?! Get a girlfriend if that’s the case.

    I never reply or click links in spam emails, and I will stick to that plan. If you want to advertise a product or service, do it PROPERLY. There’s hundreds of places online that you can promote it cheaply. Sending spam is just wrong.

    Fucking idiots.

  5. really great.. ok it does work on xamp but i would put different query’s like names coz it give me the same results


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