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Twitter email grabber

Attention spammers! Webpronews exposed great email grabber idea. Find the PHP sample code below and grab, grab and grab emails from Twitter search.

Swine flu – keyword that drives traffic

Swine flu epidemic fear is flying around the World. The streets of Mexico City were hit by a mix of human and animal viruses which caused about 20 deaths. More than thousand cases where confirmed around the Globe. The UN has warned that the virus has the potential to become a pandemic.

Scraping Twitscoop

What’s hot on Twitter right now? You can scrap twitter trending topics to answer the question. But there is something hotter – Twitscoop. So what we are waiting for? Let’s scrap Twitscoop tag cloud.

Spamming Twitter trending topics

Do you know why I love Twitter trending topics? Because trend pages attract many people. Everybody wants to know what’s happening in Twitter. So why not to take the opportunity to drive some Twitter traffic?