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Tuning Google SERP with JavaScript

The following JavaScript highlights websites, adds numbers on Google SERP and creates cashed text only links.

Scraping Yahoo SERP

Yahoo SERP scraper is a little more difficult to implement than Google SERP scraper. Yahoo guys are mad about redirects (former blackhats?). You have to clean URLs after them. But nothing can stop you from scraping 😉

Live Search, Ask and Cuil SERP scraping

The SERP scraping saga continues. This time I’ll give you required regexps and URLs only. No need to copy paste code from other scraping posts. Feel free to improve regexps and comment.

Scraping Google SERP

Google SERP scraping solves many SEO problems. For example, you can monitor website ranking and scrap content from top websites. SERP scraping is just a part of SEO life ;} So, let’s scrap my friends!

You search scour.com pays

Scour is another search engine that pulls data from Google, Yahoo, and MSN. But it also allows users to vote and comment results to make them more relevant. Why anybody would do this? Because of reward system that scour offers.

Slug optimization trick for Blogger bloggers

Everybody knows that URLs should be well optimized for search engines, but not everyone Blogger user knows how to do it. The common assumption that you should choose title very carefully since Blogger transforms title to slug when you click the “Publish Post” button, is wrong. Why should we think about title before slug is […]

Ranking high on search engine trick for Blogger bloggers

Today I’ll tell you how to improve your Blogger blog’s ranking in the SERP. This trick is already known to SEO experts, but many bloggers unaware of it. If you don’t believe me, go to Blogcatalog or Technorati after reading this post and analyze dozen of Blogger blogs. You will see that trick is unknown.