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WordPress XML-RPC Intro

I’m still getting a few emails regularly asking for help. Taking into account the fact that blog not being updated for a while, this is surprising. One of the latest questions was “Is it worth to buy XYZ autoblogging software?”. I didn’t answer; I asked him “How are you going to get your money back? […]

What’s spamming? II

Here is how I collect your domains and links, spammers 😯

Simple PHP cURL WordPress spammer

The PHP cURL comment spammer is my Christmas present to spam-noobs. The script gets proxies and user agents from text files and comment data (users, emails, URLs, comment, target/spam URLs) from csv file. You can find all input files in ‘io’ folder and settings in ‘lib/constants.php’ file. Get proxies, user agents, comments and play a […]

Scraping Bing SERP

Bing is no exception when it comes to scraping.

Link building with referrer spamming

Refspam is usually treated as an old school traffic driving technique that doesn’t work anymore. Of course, there is some truth in that supposition. But see why referrer spamming is worth mentioning again.

Scraping Yahoo SERP

Yahoo SERP scraper is a little more difficult to implement than Google SERP scraper. Yahoo guys are mad about redirects (former blackhats?). You have to clean URLs after them. But nothing can stop you from scraping 😉

PHP cURL proxy checker

Do you still read my blog? Good 🙂 This time I’m going to post some juicy code that can hide your ass.

Live Search, Ask and Cuil SERP scraping

The SERP scraping saga continues. This time I’ll give you required regexps and URLs only. No need to copy paste code from other scraping posts. Feel free to improve regexps and comment.

Scraping Google SERP

Google SERP scraping solves many SEO problems. For example, you can monitor website ranking and scrap content from top websites. SERP scraping is just a part of SEO life ;} So, let’s scrap my friends!

Scraping Google Hot Trends

Everybody likes hot content. That’s why Google Trends is so popular among blackhats. It says what’s hot and what’s not. So let’s scrap!