Swine flu – keyword that drives traffic

Swine flu epidemic fear is flying around the World. The streets of Mexico City were hit by a mix of human and animal viruses which caused about 20 deaths. More than thousand cases where confirmed around the Globe. The UN has warned that the virus has the potential to become a pandemic.

But that’s enough for today. There is nothing you can do about swine flu (I assume you’re SEO, not medic). Just stay away from crowded areas, wear a mask, and wash your hands, etc. Do what government says you.

What I’m trying to say you is that swine flue keyword drives huge search engine traffic. Check Google Trends and Twitter trending topics. The keyword skyrocketed. Everybody wants to know what’s happening, how to avoid it, what are symptoms and so on. So don’t miss an opportunity to drive traffic. Do it now or never.

P.S.: I’m thinking of becoming a vegan.

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