Sorezki SEO Plus

The Sorezki SEO Plus extension is an SEO tool for Google Chrome that enhances Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo search engine and Google Analytics with social activity statistics, social media info and PR, as well as Yahoo, Bing and Google search engines with geo-location search tools, advanced metrics, anchor / PR scanners and more.

For best Google search results switch Google “Instant Search” off, then you’ll be able to experience the full power of the tool.  Check the links near the url sections in the search results. ‘Backlinks‘ will take you to a much improved Yahoo Site Explorer result page that allows you to analyse all competitor links.

When running a google search you will see on the left side of the search page a new section called “Sorezki’s Google+”. This will allow you to run a PR scan, sort the pages by PR, search only pages from a specific time range or date etc.

Under the Search bar we also added a new feature- ‘Local search’. By clicking Settings you can choose specific countries and watch the results Google offers in these countries.

Sorezki SEO Plus extension is designed in a way that integrates with the search engines and don’t interfere the original design, another feature aimed to ease the SEO job and make it smoother and more convenient.

17 Responses to Sorezki SEO Plus

  1. Wow..its a great extension for chrome….Will make use of it, and this is only useful for chrome’s users.

  2. Great to something for Chrome as Firefox seems to get all the good addons. Sounds like a real useful tool for sure, thanks.

  3. Google’s instant result service is really very handy and saves lot of time.I never used Sorezki’s Google tool before will try soon.Many thanks for sharing with all.Chrome is also good to use..

  4. That is great! I’ve been using Chrome for some of the things I do but I am still mainly on Firefox since Chrome still lacks a few of the extensions that FF has.


  5. We always use Chrome.. For some reason we prefer using it.. It’s cool using the spreadsheet… Google for me is really cool…

  6. It is good to hear that Sorezki SEO Plus extension is an SEO tool for Google Chrome will help Google Webmaster Tools.So webmaster can get more accurate result.

  7. Thanks for sharing, i will definitely use this helpful tool

  8. What a great plugin. I have been searching for a plugin to grab website pr for a while. I am currently using seo quake for firefox but id much rather use google chrome thanks for the recommendation. Does it also check if the blog is do follow or no follow? That would also be a great feature.

  9. This is odd…. it seems that the extension is no longer on the chrome web store? That link leads to an error page and when I am doing a search on the chrome plugins page, I cannot find the Sorezki SEO Plus plugin.


  10. do you have the link to the plugin download page? I don’t see it when I go to the site.

  11. I’m unable to find it too, Jean. I did see it at some 3rd party sites but I’m afraid of getting plugins from anywhere but Chrome webstore.

  12. This is a great addition to Chrome .
    tested the provided link which seems to be working fine.

  13. This is a great tool for chrome. started using it now.

  14. This is one of the best SEO extensions for the Google Chrome browser, where you get all the enough info for the SEO optimization and social sharing of your websites.

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