Quick’n’Dirty Link Spying

What’s the fastest way to get 1K competitor’s links? Yahoo site explorer export to TSV functionality. A different approach to “What’s Spamming II”.

$domain = 'competitor.com';
$result = @file_get_contents("http://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/export?p=$domain&bwm=i&bwmf=s&bwmo=d");

27 Responses to Quick’n’Dirty Link Spying

  1. Yeah I’ve always used Yahoo Explorer to get the competitors links, whenever I bring it to excel, I always make sure to order the websites in alphabetical order, that way, I can easily spot duplicate URLS, and just get one url to take a look at.

    Till then,


  2. That sounds like a good trick. Personally I like to use SEO Elite as it gets links from many sources. So it usually picks up some links that Yahoo is not reporting.

  3. That is a really nifty code. Can’t wait to try it out myself. 🙂

  4. zerotoseo, is there anyway to contact you not via comment? I would love to pick your brain on some basic stuff covered on your blog. Let me know, thanks.

  5. I will surely use this code. Thanks for it.

  6. @Aluminum, that’s great to know that SEO Elite has stayed relevant for you then threw all these years, I tried a product from Brad before in the past, but didn’t like it too much and have never purchased a Brad product since 🙁


    • Yes I can’t say much for his other products. His keyword elite wasn’t very good. The thing is that he releases software and then continues to develop it for years. So some of his software might get a lot better in time.

  7. I wouldn’t say it’s the greatest way, but it is quite effective. You can just do the same thing by using the site explorer interface.

  8. Wow that is really cool. I can’t wait to check it out.

  9. Definitely…what better way to find backlinks than to see where all of your competitors are getting their links from. You can almost always copy a good portion of those links. It also gives you a good idea of what kind of link profile you need to beat them.

  10. This is really helpful. Thanks for this.

  11. Simple but awesome idea. I used it in a SEO app I’m building. Sometimes one idea is all it takes to get over programmer’s block. Let’s hope Yahoo keeps this available; some of their APIs are being retired now.

  12. Great article. Very well-written. I am always interested in learning something new with SEO. Seems like you know the ins and outs of link building.

  13. I heard first time about it. Its really a good news for all internet users, who wants more traffic. Really good efforts from Google’s end. I’m posting new article regularly on my blog but not getting good amount of traffic.

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  15. Yahoo site explore is fantastic for narrowing down which links a competitor has. In addition it usually shows the most powerful links at the top.

    – Robert

  16. That is a great way to check up on your competition thanks.

  17. Yahoo is easier to rank on so it only makes sense it would be easier to link spy there.

  18. Nice I will to try this out. Thanks for sharing. This is a bit evil.

  19. I m also looking for such a nice ans interesting change in the life to make it more challenging.

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