Simple PHP cURL WordPress spammer

The PHP cURL comment spammer is my Christmas present to spam-noobs. The script gets proxies and user agents from text files and comment data (users, emails, URLs, comment, target/spam URLs) from csv file. You can find all input files in ‘io’ folder and settings in ‘lib/constants.php’ file. Get proxies, user agents, comments and play a serious spam game 😀

Find the spammer here.

17 thoughts on “Simple PHP cURL WordPress spammer”

  1. A lot of blogs make you go through a “moderation” period. Not that I would ever be one to use such a tool but there are not many blogs out there that do not do moderation first.

  2. Hey, I can’t seem to find your email on here. I was wondering if you’d change some of your code for me for a few bucks. If you get a chance, fire me over an email? Thanks.

  3. I used to be a spam noob, but search engine penalties quickly straightened me out. Now I try to be at least somewhat legit with my website promotion. I would be a little nervous trying to do automated comment spam. Too often I see this done horribly wrong.

  4. While many blogs do have a moderation period, they often lift those restrictions after they approve one comment. So I guess you could get your foot in the door manually and then open the spam flood gates.

  5. @Metal Briefcases, While yeah you could probably get your foot in the door after the first post, and then use some software but eventually all the spamming is gonna catch up to you 🙁 But I am sure you agree with me, that its best to stay on the good side of akismet and leave quality comments 😀

    Till then,


  6. Yes, if done wrong, your website could be heavily red flagged by the various comment spam blockers. That could later come back to bite you as you become restricted from commenting on other blogs.

  7. Exactly Metal, had a few friends blogs get eaten up by spammers recently. Hopefully, they’re able to learn from it and not leave it unmoderated ever again. They thought they’d scare away traffic by doing so.

    Till then,


  8. Very intersting post and this script works but all comments are put in spam box by askismet so your script is totally usless 🙂

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