Parasitizing Squidoo Lenses

Haven’t seen this nasty trick mentioned before, but if you know it already, leave angry comments here :} Ok here we go …

You probably have your Squidoo lens network up and running. Good for you, if you know how to protect it from parasite pals, cause they ready to inject their shit directly into your lenses. spamming

“Why WTF?! You said Squidoo!” – Yes, our final goal is Squidoo, but acts as proxy.

1. Find a victim from your parasite’s niche and make sure module is installed. Now you know why 😉

2. Bookmark your parasite with relevant tags in and wait till link appears on Squidoo victim. Usually it takes 24 hours, because “Update Frequency” setting is rarely changed.

Link is nofollowed, but this is not about link juice, this is about promotion.

3. Monitor victim regularly and bookmark your parasite(s) to stay in the list.

Trick works best if where are no bookmarks yet (yes, it happens). When “bookmarks by username” setting is activated, trick doesn’t work at all.

Flickr photo watermarking

Another spam proxy that needs your spammer’s attention.

1. Find a victim, who activated “Let Flickr Pick” setting. (Play awhile with Flickr tag search and you easily figure out how to define these lenses.)

2. Get a picture relevant to victim and parasite’s niche. Watermark it (something like and upload. Wait till photo appears on victim.

This trick is more difficult to implement than spamming. Feel free to practice on test Squidoo lens.

Squidoo YouTubing

The same principle as Flickr photo watermarking.

1. Find a victim, who activated “Let Flickr Pick” setting.

2. Upload your spammy video with parasite link and wait till video appears.

Practice, practice and practice…

Have a nice parasite day!

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  1. seozero you provide ass spinning ideas!!! It is f**cking exploding fish!!! I made experiment and now waiting for a googbot. I think it will blow my crappy mind when I will see how squidoo exploded the traffic!! I will report… yo!

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