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  1. If you’re aiming for a higher PR, def. the PR5 ones 😉 and besides, the lesser links the more natural it will look 😉

    How about a combination of the above ? 1 PR5 links, 10 PR3, 15 PR1 and if there’s enough money left get some PR0 ones. Just a suggestion – you either go with a few high quality links or with a lot of low quality – from my experience volume overcomes quality at a point.

  2. Yes, PR doesn’t meter, but it meters in link building anyways. PR is like an indicator of link juice power.
    what do I mean? I mean if high PR website has 20 links on your website and that website has 100 external links, therefor you get 20×100 link juice volume. PR can show us how high that value can be.

    CristianR thanks for the suggestion. I had doubts about volume and quality, now they gone 🙂

  3. I would go with 10 PR5 links as they would build PR & trust. These are the tougher links to get. If you want volume, that is easy enough to achieve by submitting some articles or doing other free link building strategies.

  4. If you want Google rankings, the higher PR links are more effective. If you want rankings on other search engines, a higher volume of links usually helps more. Personally I would buy the higher PR links as they are not as easy to come by.

  5. Well I wouldn’t buy links, since I like to remain on the good side of Google… but if a friend asked me that question… I would advise that friend to get PR 5 websites links, while they are less in quantity…. the quality is way higher =D

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  6. If it is same price and you have a money choose ten PR5 links.”Quality over quantity” PR5 helps you because it is hard to find PR5 to your site but I suggest not to rely on PR the more important now is to gain more backlinks.The good way is to get a lot of quality links

  7. Interesting question. personally I would not sell links nor buy them but i might help a smaller blog or person out by letting them guest post or by writing a review for them if I feel they are doing some good.

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