Link building with referrer spamming

Refspam is usually treated as an old school traffic driving technique that doesn’t work anymore. Of course, there is some truth in that supposition. But see why referrer spamming is worth mentioning again.

Find websites to refspam

Want some free dofollow backlinks from .gov, .edu, .org, and other websites? (Don’t lie to me; we all need them.) Make two things:

1. Find Webalizer stats

2. Spam Webalizered websites

Hands-on practice

The City of Brunswick Maryland (stats) is good candidate for spamming. Referrer spammers love Brunswick – the total referrers list is full of porn 😈

Before refspam


After refspam


It took me 5 minutes to put digg 4th place (+24h waiting for stat update).


P.S.: I’m not saying that refspam will help your rankings 😉