Link building question – follow up post

This is to address Winalot question about interlinking.

When you say “many” is it statistically significant? If yes, all in one niche, brand, section of rankings etc.?

First of all, thanks for the great comment Winalot. That’s the way it should be on this blog. Good questions and good answers. We all win :}

Is it statistically significant? Well, it depends on sample. I’m not going to post stats analysis, because I don’t have it. What I have is a part of the real network to show you as example.



  • Light green rectangles (left side) – affiliate websites / landing pages.
  • Colored rectangles – juice collectors, huge websites that suck traffic from search engines.
  • White rectangles – juice collectors, but links removed for better presentation.

Many websites (I mean the major part of juice collectors and affiliate websites) from the net rank on the first page. I think it answers “section of rankings” part of the question.

Regarding niche part of the question. Different niches and very competitive. Perhaps “very competitive” is not really accurate. The top hottest niches in the Internet. Millions and millions and millions pages in the Google’s index.

I monitor several networks and they all have similar structure.

  1. Big websites pass juice to small affiliate websites. The more links to affiliate pages, the better they rank.
  2. Affiliate website never links to any website, including websites from the network. I.e. no outgoing links. Only affiliate links. Only!
  3. Owners never interlink whole network. NEVER.
  4. There are many blackhat websites (not in the image). They never link to affiliate websites.
  5. There are many links from outer networks, social bookmarking websites, etc. (Read as “from other white websites”).

I hope it answers your question.

P.S.: All sensitive info about websites is hidden. No names, no keywords, no ranking positions. And don’t ask me why. But I want to repeat that it’s a part of real network; all websites are real; they DO exist. I’m saying it, because I’m trying to stick to the “no bullshit principle” as much as I can on this blog.

5 thoughts on “Link building question – follow up post”

  1. Hey Zero, thanks for a great post.

    So how much do you make a day from this network? 🙂 Haha, only kidding!

    I think this shows the level of commitment it takes to reach an organic level of affiliate success.

    My next question would be how long did this take to build? How aged are each “column” of sites? What is the “shelf life” of an entry in each “column”?

    What is the quality of the “colored rectangles – juice collectors” websites sucking in the traffic? Are they cloaked? Doorway pages? White-hat? How did these sites get indexed so well in the first place and how long did it take?

    How’s that for a bunch of questions!?


  2. Let me clarify, this is not my network. Actually I don’t do affiliate marketing. What I do is I discover huge networks, spy on them, and replicate them on different smaller niches. Checkmate. Someone is in trouble.

    “how long did this take to build?” – collectors, my best guess, 1-8 years. (If you have many websites, time runs much faster for you.). Affiliate websites – doesn’t matter. They get indexed very fast.

    “What is the quality of the colored rectangles” – part of them auto generated websites, another part – quality whitehat websites.

    “Are they cloaked” – no, but I haven’t checked all of them. Website must be crystal clear when it ranks so high. Someone is watching you.

    “How did these sites get indexed so well in the first place and how long did it take” – that’s where the magic comes in. But it’s just another story.

  3. Hey buddy,

    Thanks for your reply! Looking forward to the other story 😉

    When you “replicate them on different smaller niches” what is your main form of monetisation if not affiliate marketing?

    Also, where in the world are you based out of interest?


  4. You know, I’m the kind of person who believes that a man must do that he does well. I’m not a salesperson and never wanted. But I can do many tech tasks that help others to sell their products.


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