6 thoughts on “Keyword length Vs Competition”

  1. short tail keyword terms usual provide too broad a search results, being successful with short tail keyterms may grab you a lot of traffic, which is good for adsense since people wont really find what they are looking for and will click your adsense and look else where…

    long tail keyword terms will generate less traffic but will generate a much better conversion rate as people using long tail keywords are usually looking for something very specific, so if its a product and they find what they are looking for they will buy it… great for affiliate marketing!

    personally i will take the higher conversion rate, its also much less work to be successful for long tail keywords! 🙂

  2. ukescuba, long time no hearing from you :] Thanks for comment.

    I’ve started “SEO in pictures” post series for guys who don’t have time to read blogs. From now on every Tuesday is SEO Picture Tuesday 🙂

    Regarding long-tails… You are absolutely right – “much less work”. I have a draft post “how to seize a small niche in XX days”. It’s all about long-tails, splogs, link building/buying etc. It will be the most valuable post to my mind. I don’t know when I’ll finish it :}

  3. Hey buddy, great to see you posting again, I generally check-in once a day to see if there’s any new nuggets from you.

    Loved the scraper series, but you’re a right click-tease on my Amazon request 😉

  4. I prefer to start out by targeting a lot of long tail keywords. As I build up lots of links targeting the long tails, I naturally move up for the shorter keywords too. Then once I naturally get a decent ranking, I change strategy to focus more on that shorter keyword. Although the shorter keyword would have more competition, the search volume usually makes up for that. It just depends on whether than keyword is relevant enough. Some short keywords are applicable for more than one niche.

  5. When I started out, I went with long-tail non-competitive keywords to get my feet wet. As I learnt the nuances of SEO more and more, I began to experiement with short-tail keywords in more competitive niches.


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