GoDaddy Hacked – Blog Raped

This blog was hacked two(?) times already. All PHP files were stuffed with encoded JS redirect.

GoDaddy Hosting Hacked

I hope you didn’t click that button… Sorry for that.

If you need more info about what’s happening go read this. And this too – Bob Parsons, I am sorry. Hot chicks and a strong tits and ass marketing campaign do not make up for apathy in matters of client security and well being.

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  1. So u changed the theme ?

  2. I see a new theme, by the way i always like it better than the old one and did I say I like to read your materials too. Now your head is getting big, let me continue.

    You know the first time I found this site I landed on some page then I wanted to know a little more about the site… when I went to your homepage I was greeted with “avast pop box” telling me to abort connection.

    I wonder why the owner of this blog trying to put some shit on visitor computer? when I spent more time here I realized it was only the main page that has an issue. So now I know someone hacked you…

  3. yes, going to change hosting as well

  4. While I find Godaddy one of the best domain registrars, I have hundreds of domains with them, I would not recommend them for hosting. My misfortune (a while back) was that their hosting blocked search engine spiders (in a way I still haven’t found out), which provented my sites from getting indexed. To this day, years later, a few of them are still left aside by Yahoo, whatever I try tod o about it.

  5. Man that’s no good. I hate it when that happens, I was working at an internet radio station and we got taken off air for 2 days because of it. Have you thought about CARO as your hosting provider?

  6. Sorry to hear about the hacker problems. On the bright side, the new blog theme looks awesome. It’s a big improvement from the last theme. I had my websites hosted with IXWebhosting last year and their servers were hacked as well. Suffice to say, I am not longer with that web host.

    • I agree when something goes wrong, good karma will happen to you. The theme is sleek and pretty amazing to look at!

      GoDaddy as we all know has been attacked by several intruders but still they managed to recover those domains.

      • They may have recovered those domains, but when a web host gets targeted like that, you realize they have serious security problems. When that happens it is usually best to move onto a new web host to avoid future problems.

  7. This happened to me. My site wasn’t actually ‘hacked’ thought. Some malware leaked my smartftp passwords and all stored passwords and accounts were compromised.

    • Yes there are all kinds of scumbags out there trying to wreck people’s work and gain access to their private information. When running an online business you have to be especially careful to keep everything well protected.

  8. This is very alarming specially when you want to launch your own personal ecommerce site with GoDaddy.

  9. Been a while since I last left a comment here on this blog, didn’t see when the site got hacked 🙁 sorry to hear that happened. Like some of the others have said, the new theme is really awesome! On a side note, I used to have godaddy, but the switched over to my own dedicated server, which has been one of my best moves ever! The only downside is the cost 🙁

    Till then,


  10. That is no good you got hacked twice. Good idea to change servers. It is a shame when that happens. It is such a headache to fix.

  11. huh, long time no update. 🙁

  12. I’ve been wondering why this blog has no more updates eh?

  13. Sorry to hear about your hacker issues. It really is quite surprising that could be hacked. I used to check out the site often and I have to say that the new theme looks great. Hopefully, such issues don’t crop up again.

    • @Car, It’s something that has happened in the past to Godaddy, when I used to have an account on there, it happened to me once as well and this was back around 2008… I am sure it’s a monthly occurrence for Godaddy especially due to their popularity.

      Till then,


      • Yea, I guess it’s still acceptable back then but today, with all the money they’ve made, we expect them to do everything they can to be bulletproof. It’s not good for their reputation either as it’s like a detective’s own watch getting stolen. 🙂

  14. The new site looks great although you got hacked. Have many other people had this happen lately.

  15. i know you guys need fresh content to comment :}

  16. I think this are the news which is really shocking. I hope no one will use old versions from now onwards.

  17. A friend of mine with a great website ranking had her site hacked last month with an Iframe redirect to some nebulous Indian site. Thankfully, we had backup files and worked with Godaddy support to restore her site. Envious competitors can be malicious and this should serve as a lesson to frequently backup your sites.

  18. Sorry to hear your site got hacked like that. It’s really surprising that got hacked in the first place, I used to think their defenses were really strong.

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  20. Go daddy is really a awesome site. And I’m wonder how it hacked.
    There should be some strong punishment in Cyber law…

  21. That is no good I am sorry to hear that. hopefully you can work it all out. Thanks again for the post, I will change up some thing regarding security on my blog.

  22. I am sorry to hear that happened to you. I hope it doesn’t happen again. I have seen this happen in the past on other sites.

    – Robert

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