4 thoughts on “Free Sony Ericsson laptops from spammers”

  1. shit! it’s very clever SPAM BOMB! It is like H1N1, if you don’t clean your hands and you are stupid you will infect other dudes who is stupid as you are!

  2. guys i know its a little off subject but should you be after a new laptop or fed up of carrying around a bulky laptop and all the cables like i was – then get yourself a dell mini 10 and install gotoaccess

    i got one with a solid state drive so no moving parts – battery life is about 5 to 6 hours, i use gotoaccess to get on my dekstop pc and laptop, and use it for sem training and tech support

    i got mine 3 months ago, and thought it could come in handy from time to time, instead of carting the bigger laptop arround with me, but now i pretty much spend about 90% of my time on it! i take it everwhere and i mean everywhere! it weighs next to nothing and when closed is smaller than a piece of A4/Letter sized paper!

    better still mine cost me just $250 when it was on special offer… now they average around $300 to $400 depending on spec

    fyi i have office, photoshop, dreamweaver, flash, putty, an ftp client, yim and skype, plus a handful of internet marketing tools running on it too – sometimes the screensize can be a little restrictive but i dont use it for big flash or photoshop projects.

    i added a 16gb SD Card and use that as my my documents folder

    definately worth checking out guys i really recommend it

    using it now to post this message whilst still lying in bed! lol

  3. such message are fool to all but all of them go throuh it .me my self is one of this victime.donot do so for your promotion of things.better be realistics not to make foooooolllll to alll

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