Five types of blog commentators

Blog commenting is important link building activity. Bloggers comment other blogs and forums daily to improve ranking in search engines. They leave thousands of comments reviewed by thousands of moderators. But what makes commentators unique? It is commenting style.

There are five types of blog commentators you can always find in the Internet.

1. Spammer is a person who improves website ranking by leaving many worthless comments in blogs and forums. Spamming process is partially or fully automated. Special scripts allow spammers to choose niche, geographical area, message text, and other parameters.

2. Sportsman is usually blog or forum follower who loves posting the first comment or reply. It doesn’t matter what article is about. What makes sense is comment number one. Why? Because visitors more likely to read it and click a link.

3. Expert discovers strong and week points; explains what, when, and why should be improved. Experienced bloggers know that unique and valuable content attracts expert commentators. Their comments multiply post value and bring additional value to readers.

4. Smarty wants to be an expert, but can’t because of lack of knowledge and experience. Smarty’s comments are fun to read. Usually they retell the same idea that author just said.

5. Opponent argues about topic and/or creates provocation to get some traffic. Generally opponent’s arguments are false. But still opponents can play their part and help blog’s owner. People will make a reply, because they like to argue.

2 thoughts on “Five types of blog commentators”

  1. Yeah alot of commentators do it for the link but I would argue that there are more people who leave a comment as a true reader compared to those who are only in it for the link.


  2. Very well summarized list of the commentator types. I like to hope that most that show up at my site are atleast going to post genuine comments and not just random one liners that don’t have anything to do with my content. Even if they have the linking in mind, atleast if they post something sincere, it’s ok.

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