Dofollow blog lists – link building cake for bloggers

Dofollow blog commenting is the best way to get free backlinks for your blog. Dofollow links pass link juice and improve blog’s ranking. The more backlinks you have, the better your blog ranks in Google.

Where to find dofollow blogs? Bloggers often compile their own lists of dofollow blogs. Some lists contain more than a hundred dofollow blogs. Think about number of backlinks you can get for free. It’s a piece of link building cake.

Before commenting dofollow blogs

1. Make sure it is a dofollow blog. Sometimes bloggers return to nofollow, because spammers hunt after them. SEO for Firefox plugin highlights dofollow links, therefore you don’t have to look into code.

2. Read a post. People, who don’t do it, leave worthless comments. They push bloggers back to nofollow. Be an expert, provide only valuable comments.

3. Find out what kind of anchors you can use. Many blogs allow you to place relevant keywords in anchor instead of your name. It makes a backlink more valuable. Anyway blog owners want to know who you are. Put a signature (name) at the end of your comment.

4. Find out what URLs besides homepage are allowed. Promote your posts instead of homepage if you can. You can get more targeted traffic if you do this.

5. Write a post. Link building is important, but content is a king. Backlinks won’t help if you don’t have fresh and valuable content. First write a new post, and then get a backlink.

Dofollow blog lists for link building………

20 thoughts on “Dofollow blog lists – link building cake for bloggers”

  1. Thanks for sharing the list. I tend to only use my URL in the ‘website’ field. If I have an internal link from my site that contributes to the comments I’ll post that for people to read. I save the internal posts for forums and other places on the web. I allow all links on my site but I scan them before posting if they have them.

  2. Awesome List =D And in regards to tip #2, it’s a shame that a few people ruin it for the rest of us, I’ve definitely seen way too many useless comments, and comments that look like they were automated by bots. 🙁

    Till then,


  3. This is a great compilation of do follow blog list. It helps me now because I prefer to use blog commenting rather than forum posting for my back links. I always bookmark informative post like this. Thanks!

  4. Creating back links from commenting is a great tool. The best way to find these are to go an use googles operator for example: In the google search box enter the following: intext:”powered by wordpress” AND “KeywordLuv” OR “CommentLuv” this will pull out all blogs that provide the plugin and to filter out non blogs we incorporate the “powered by wordpress”

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  7. It’s best if you know the basics in SEO and link building, so you’ll have an idea how long it takes before results can be seen in SERPS. It is possible that you are also setting the goals high leading to dissatisfaction.

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