Scrapers, Spammers and other Scripts


Scrapers / Grabbers



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  1. Iam sorry, but can you build in wordpress plugins.


  2. Great stuff. Quick question. I would like to be able to start coding this stuff myself other than taking advantage of the good work of others, like yourself, what kind of sources, materials, books would you recommend to start writing this kind of scripts/web apps? I have a basic knoledge of Php and mysql databases but I would like to study this more advanced programming.

    Great blog, I added to my RSS reader.

  3. Oskar, start with a simple question, why the hell I need all that? hth

  4. I get this error when I run amazon- scrapper on my server

    Warning: array_combine() expects parameter 2 to be array, string given in C:\xampp\htdocs\amazon_scraper.php on line 31

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in C:\xampp\amazon_scraper.php on line 67
    Array ( )

  5. @Nana, what do you expect? It’s 10 months old and isn’t working.

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