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Swine flu – keyword that drives traffic

Swine flu epidemic fear is flying around the World. The streets of Mexico City were hit by a mix of human and animal viruses which caused about 20 deaths. More than thousand cases where confirmed around the Globe. The UN has warned that the virus has the potential to become a pandemic.

Spamming Twitter trending topics

Do you know why I love Twitter trending topics? Because trend pages attract many people. Everybody wants to know what’s happening in Twitter. So why not to take the opportunity to drive some Twitter traffic?

YouTube link spamming – how spammers drive traffic to websites

Did you know that Google supports link spammers? No? It actually does.

Slug optimization trick for Blogger bloggers

Everybody knows that URLs should be well optimized for search engines, but not everyone Blogger user knows how to do it. The common assumption that you should choose title very carefully since Blogger transforms title to slug when you click the “Publish Post” button, is wrong. Why should we think about title before slug is […]

Ranking high on search engine trick for Blogger bloggers

Today I’ll tell you how to improve your Blogger blog’s ranking in the SERP. This trick is already known to SEO experts, but many bloggers unaware of it. If you don’t believe me, go to Blogcatalog or Technorati after reading this post and analyze dozen of Blogger blogs. You will see that trick is unknown.