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Quick’n’Dirty Link Spying

What’s the fastest way to get 1K competitor’s links? Yahoo site explorer export to TSV functionality. A different approach to “What’s Spamming II”.

Scraping article directories by exploiting search functionality

Search is a bottleneck of thousands of article directories. ezinearticles, articlesbase and another hundred of websites become your pets for scraping soon.

Scraping Google Local Business Results

Hey zero, Do you have a method to scrape google local business results and see where a listing appears in a) the 7-pack or b) the full listings for certain search terms? WP (from here)

How to build scrapers that matter. Code reuse.

Party time! Some scraper building tips for you guys. Hope you can benefit from them and save some time for wild drunk orgies. OK-OK, for families and friends.

Amazon Product Review Scraper Demo

Yes, it’s finally happened. The Amazon Product Review Scraper is available. Be the first to grab the multitude of product reviews.

Scraping Alexa Links

Alexa Sites Linking In feature is the fastest way to grasp overall picture of website links. But nobody likes to check them manually. Here is simple scraper that automates this tedious task.

Scraping Alexa Hot URLs

Do you want to know what Alexa Toolbar users are reading right now? I know you do. Grab code example and scrap the page until it dies 😈

Scraping Bing SERP

Bing is no exception when it comes to scraping.

Google Hot Trends Atom Scraper

There is a new page Coding on this blog. I’m going to put some free coding stuff there. You can download it, modify, sell, and whatever you want. Your feedback is welcome!

Scraping Yahoo SERP

Yahoo SERP scraper is a little more difficult to implement than Google SERP scraper. Yahoo guys are mad about redirects (former blackhats?). You have to clean URLs after them. But nothing can stop you from scraping πŸ˜‰