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Domains Hit by Google Can Still Generate Sales

It’s been awhile since I last posted. I’m not into SEO any more but there’s still something left to share. And no this is not an attempt to relaunch the blog.

Tuning Google SERP with JavaScript

The following JavaScript highlights websites, adds numbers on Google SERP and creates cashed text only links.

Microsoft Bing VS admins

Guys, what do you think, bad programming or bad administration?

What NASA and FNAL don’t know about Google search?

You’ve probably heard about the “Credit cards and Google cache” story. It’s obvious that it can happen again. Admins make mistakes; Google crawls data; it’s just a matter of time. But what else is lurking in Google?

Google Analytics Java client

Stop wasting your life on stats checking. Google Analytics Data API can save you a lot of time. Have a doubt? What would you say if I said that you could get the stats you need in no time?

Why social network users don’t care about spam

Social network users need to stop complaining about spam. They get what they want :}

Free Sony Ericsson laptops from spammers

New spammers’ attack. Just read the text carefully. Don’t be stupid, don’t reply and forward.

PHP cURL proxy checker

Do you still read my blog? Good 🙂 This time I’m going to post some juicy code that can hide your ass.

How to check Google pagerank of inner pages?

There are many tools that you can use. My advice, don’t use online page rank checkers. They are very slow. Use desktop applications or FireFox plugins.

You search pays

Scour is another search engine that pulls data from Google, Yahoo, and MSN. But it also allows users to vote and comment results to make them more relevant. Why anybody would do this? Because of reward system that scour offers.