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What’s spamming? II

Here is how I collect your domains and links, spammers 😯

What’s spamming?

This is simple, fully automated and entirely legal approach of finding enormous number of pages which can be spammed.

Simple PHP cURL WordPress spammer

The PHP cURL comment spammer is my Christmas present to spam-noobs. The script gets proxies and user agents from text files and comment data (users, emails, URLs, comment, target/spam URLs) from csv file. You can find all input files in ‘io’ folder and settings in ‘lib/constants.php’ file. Get proxies, user agents, comments and play a […]

WH/BH interlinking

Answering question about WH/BH websites interlinking. When you say never link [splogs] to your affiliate site, do you mean don’t link to your money sites, so these should be linked to buffer sites that are in turn linked to your money sites ?

Link buying question

What would you buy for PR0 website?

Link building question – follow up post

This is to address Winalot question about interlinking. When you say “many” is it statistically significant? If yes, all in one niche, brand, section of rankings etc.?

Link building question – how to interlink?

Share you knowledge guys! You have 3 websites. Two of them, PRX and PRY (X > Y), rank well. You need to promote PR0 website. How would you interlink websites to achieve PR0 high ranking?

Link building with referrer spamming

Refspam is usually treated as an old school traffic driving technique that doesn’t work anymore. Of course, there is some truth in that supposition. But see why referrer spamming is worth mentioning again.

Dofollow blog lists – link building cake for bloggers

Dofollow blog commenting is the best way to get free backlinks for your blog. Dofollow links pass link juice and improve blog’s ranking. The more backlinks you have, the better your blog ranks in Google. Where to find dofollow blogs? Bloggers often compile their own lists of dofollow blogs. Some lists contain more than a […]