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Are links really important?

Not at all. It’s nothing new, but keywords in domain name are awesome. My new a 35 days old autogen website is ranking #17 for its main keyword out of 32 millions. Only 100+ pages in index and less than 10 links, all bookmarks. Damn good, isn’t it?

Keyword length Vs Competition

The shorter keyword, the higher competition.

Wordtracker SEO Blogger

Attention bloggers! Keyword research in da house. Wordtracker released the magic wand which saves a lot of time.

Filtering Google Analytics keywords with shell

What I don’t like about Google Analytics is that it lacks keyword filter. You have to use additional tools to filter phrases you need. For example, you need all keyword phrases with “finance” that drive traffic to your website. How can you find them?

Keyword length analysis for bloggers – short-tail Vs long-tail

You know that long-tail keywords are easier to rank for. But do long-tail keywords send more traffic than short-tail keywords? Can long-tail keyword optimization increase your blog income? Keyword length analysis will help you to find the answers you are looking for.