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WordPress XML-RPC Intro

I’m still getting a few emails regularly asking for help. Taking into account the fact that blog not being updated for a while, this is surprising. One of the latest questions was “Is it worth to buy XYZ autoblogging software?”. I didn’t answer; I asked him “How are you going to get your money back? […]

Returning visitor! Introduce yourself!

While I’m working on some coding related posts, I need some content to appear on this site. So you guys, won’t delete my blog from your RSS readers and bookmarks 😉

Why bloggers quit?

Have you ever thought about why bloggers quit blogging? I asked myself the question when I found many dead blogs in the dofollow blog lists. Here are my suggestions why it happens.

10 big mistakes all money making noobs make

Make money online community is getting bigger. Newbie bloggers join this niche daily, because they see how popular it is. They can’t resist temptation to make some extra cash from posting money making tips. But is it worth doing? Yes, it is… But only if you’re smart enough to avoid 10 big mistakes all money […]

Five types of blog commentators

Blog commenting is important link building activity. Bloggers comment other blogs and forums daily to improve ranking in search engines. They leave thousands of comments reviewed by thousands of moderators. But what makes commentators unique? It is commenting style.

10 blogs every blogger should read

Do you want to become a successful blogger? Then read these top blogs and learn everything you need to rule the World.