Slug optimization trick for Blogger bloggers

Everybody knows that URLs should be well optimized for search engines, but not everyone Blogger user knows how to do it. The common assumption that you should choose title very carefully since Blogger transforms title to slug when you click the “Publish Post” button, is wrong. Why should we think about title before slug is well optimized? Let’s find out how to apply the simplest technique that can improve blog’s ranking.

  1. Analyze keywords using any research tool you like. Select the most relevant keywords for slug. Check word order and spelling. Keep in mind that slug can’t be changed.
  2. Enter selected keywords in the title edit box. Blogger will use them for slug creation.
  3. Open your text editor and write post title you like. Title and slug don’t have to be the same. Use as many keywords from slug as possible. Remember, title should be human readable. Do your best and optimize it for readers.
  4. Write content and click the “Publish Post” button. Blogger will create slug from words you specified in title edit box. Exactly what you wanted.
  5. Now go to editor and modify title. Just copy the title from text editor and click the “Publish Post” button again.

Don’t forget to follow the procedure every time you want different slug and title. Make it a habit and improve your blog’s ranking in the SERP.

One thought on “Slug optimization trick for Blogger bloggers”

  1. Why not use SEO slugs? Although readability of slug might come down but SEO increases! Also how many people READ the slug like the title!? I don’t think too many!

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