10 big mistakes all money making noobs make

Make money online community is getting bigger. Newbie bloggers join this niche daily, because they see how popular it is. They can’t resist temptation to make some extra cash from posting money making tips. But is it worth doing? Yes, it is… But only if you’re smart enough to avoid 10 big mistakes all money making noobs make.

10. Not having your own domain name

Would you trust a guy who writes about $XK per month, but can’t afford recognizable domain name? It’s obvious, No!

9. Using free web hosting

Don’t use free web hosting if you’re in the make money online community. Only noobs are comfortable with free web hosting limitations and lack of support. It also applies to Blogger. Remember, Google can terminate your account at any time for any reason.

8. Having ugly website

Don’t start blogging about making money online if you have design like this. Visitors will leave your blog immediately. I recommend you to find or buy a good looking theme. Don’t forget to check it. Open the theme in Internet explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome.

7. Showing too many ads

You don’t want your blog look cheap, do you? Showing too many ads on the front page can send visitors away. Also don’t put big banners in RSS feed if full text is not shown. Readers will unsubscribe, because you’re spamming them.

6. Not having about page

Bloggers read About pages. It’s natural that people want to know who is hiding behind a blog. Your website looks faceless without the About page. Money making experts know it. They share some interesting facts on the About page, because it is the right place for making the emotional connection with readers.

5. Not having noticeable RSS button

Visible RSS button pushes visitors to subscribe. More readers = more money. Only noobs ignore this rule. They do everything possible to hide the button.

4. Not paying attention to SEO

Noobs don’t pay attention to search engine optimization, because they believe that good content is enough. That’s why low traffic is the pain in the noob’s ass. Remember, you fail, if you don’t optimize a blog and don’t obtain links regularly. Competitor, who can’t write good content, but who knows SEO, can outperform you.

3. Not following your own posting frequency

Who told you that daily posting is a must? I’m ready to wait weeks if I can get real value from your articles. But I’d like to know when you will post next time. Be predictable, concentrate on quality, and quantity will follow. But don’t post everyday only because every freaking ebook says that you have to. It’s wrong.

2. Not reading other money making blogs

Noobs often don’t know what’s going on in their niche. They write about directory submission, meta tags, keyword density, unique content, page rank checker, evil black hats, etc. If you stop learning new things you fail. Continue learning, make experiments, and communicate with money making colleagues.

1. Not telling how much you actually make

The biggest noob’s mistake is writing about money making and not telling readers how much you actually make. Phrases like “I make a lot of money” are not acceptable. Write about traffic your blog have if your income report is confidential. Provide data that proves you are not just an ordinary money making noob.

4 thoughts on “10 big mistakes all money making noobs make”

  1. I passed only 5 of your “10 big mistakes all money making noobs make”. I can only concur with two, which is: the optimizing for the search engine and not having a visible RSS button.

    Although, I think posting frequently is a very hard thing to do. Quality takes time to make, and quantities is easier to put out. Just look out how the Nintendo Wii did against the Playstation 3. The Nintendo Wii did more sales even though it wasn’t the better system.

  2. One annoying thing I hate, is whenever bloggers have music autoplaying, or anything that just autoplays when you land on the website. You don’t expect it, so its quite a scare when your sound is turned up too high.


    1. Yes, that is a huge pet peeve of mine as well. Say I have a few windows open and I’m working early in the morning when the rest of the house is asleep, it can be quite annoying to have some sort of intro music or something start playing at one of the sites and I have to click through all the tabs to find the website where it’s playing.

  3. Hi, i totally agree with most of the points. Posting regularly i think is important, quality after youve been posting a fair bit becomes easier and the quality comes with it.
    Great post by the way

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