Are links really important?

Not at all. It’s nothing new, but keywords in domain name are awesome. My new a 35 days old autogen website is ranking #17 for its main keyword out of 32 millions. Only 100+ pages in index and less than 10 links, all bookmarks. Damn good, isn’t it?

Bullshit you say? OK then what about a 25 days old whitehat (unique contents & design) blog ranking #20+ for its main keyword out of 8.6 millions? Again, few bookmarks, 80+ pages in index, and, the most important factor, main keyword in domain name.

Where must be some kind of trick? You right. You can make your beast get ranks faster. Won’t tell you all the details, but YouTube, Wikipedia, sub domains, trusted competitors’ websites and daily posting will help it. BUT, after you get some good domains.

BTW, I would move 3 -> 1.

P.S.: Another autogenny baby keeps going up. Same techniques.

25 thoughts on “Are links really important?”

  1. yes, off course the links are really important. The link shows the popularity of your site. If more and more sites get links to your site then you will see that there will be a bunch of traffic coming toward your site….

  2. You can’t exactly discount the importance of links just because good domain names have gotten sub-par rankings quickly. It’s not like you’ll actually get traffic ranking at #17-20. It’s the links that will push that site up into the top 3-5 where the real traffic is at.

  3. Are links really important?All links are important whethere it is a inbound link or outbound link.Cause these link can drive you more traffic.It is like your selling your product but people don’t know what you sell so in SEO link serve as the way to know what products do you have.

  4. It seems like this post was purposely controversial. Anyone involved in internet marketing knows that links are important. It is the biggest factor in getting search engine rankings. In the early days of search engines, you could get great rankings just by having a website that is optimized just right. These days, you have to establish trust and authority in other ways. Links are the best ways to establish that authority.

  5. I usually use keywords in domain name (especially creating free hosted blogs). But before you have to estimate the niche – because some are to competitive

  6. Are links really important? Links and back-links of high text quality are vital for a good ranking webpage.
    Getting in touch with one’s competitors or sites with relevant content may require you good nerves or a good agency to help..

  7. The keyword is the domain is definitely important, but if you combine it with awesome backlinks, you have a lethal combination 😀

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  8. I believe you seozero, keyword domains rank extremely well. But I do also think that you will need to build some high PR links to get past the 2nd page.

  9. Of course content is king but that doesn’t mean links are useless.I also have a number of high ranking pages with a tenth of the links but I simply have more h1 tags and content.

  10. I am a bit skeptical, I think links are really important especially long tail ones. there is always a way to get juice quickly but doing it correctly so that it has a long tail affect as well is an art!

    1. You mean long tail keywords? I don’t think they’re necessarily more important. It all depends on the competition of the niche. By and large, any sort of backlink is important as we don’t know exactly what Google’s algorithms look for all the time.


    1. It’s not a ‘must have’ but it does help to have them. If you do get keywords in your domain name just don’t overdo it and get a sensible name. You don’t want overkill on your name.


  11. Links are always important but these days, it’s also important to be creative in where and how they’re placed. And like mentioned already, a proper combination of keywords with backlinks can be dynamite.

  12. Links are very important for site/blog,but keep one thing in mind that only niche links give you more benefit.Do follow and niche links can boost up your keyword ranking in SERP.Nice post really…

  13. They are important with out them you kinda don’t exist now do you? If you don’t have them you wont rank and you won’t show up. Unless you have a million friends on facebook that are just fascinated with you then maybe but even then you would need a link from Facebook to your blog.

    You could make a small amount of traffic with out trying but I still think you need them to survive.

  14. Links are as important as they have ever been when it comes to the performance of the seo campaign of the website and how successful it is. At the end of the day you do need them but they must be quality; not lots and lots of meaningless links. Page rank of the source where they are coming from is of upmost importance too.

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