Amazon Product Review Scraper Demo

Yes, it’s finally happened. The Amazon Product Review Scraper is available. Be the first to grab the multitude of product reviews.

What’s inside?

The demo demonstrating product reviews scraping. No cURL support, no proxy rotation, no database, files and formatting. No nothing that allows amateurs to scrap tons of content. But it can be extended / modified / rewritten. Everything you need to get started with mass scraping is in place.

Usage example

$amazonScraper = new AmazonScraper();
$revs = $amazonScraper->scrapProductReviews('php cookbook 2009');


5 thoughts on “Amazon Product Review Scraper Demo”

  1. Not familiar with API, but I think it has high learning curve. Maybe Winalot has something to say about API and why he needs scraper?

  2. Hey Buddy,

    Thanks for the code! The main reason for a scraper was to use a proxy and not the API footprint / visibility.

    Thanks so much! I have loads of things I want to do and not the coding knowledge 😉


  3. I’ve started a preliminary investigation into the Amazon API and so far I can’t find anything that shows customer reviews returned.

    I would also agree that it appears that the api has a steeper than average learning curve but it’s ultimately REST and XML. I can’t find any references to JSON yet, but I’m still looking.

    JSON to me is easier to program against than XML.

    Communibus Locis

    p.s. Thanks for the code!

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