WordPress XML-RPC Intro

I’m still getting a few emails regularly asking for help. Taking into account the fact that blog not being updated for a while, this is surprising. One of the latest questions was “Is it worth to buy XYZ autoblogging software?”. I didn’t answer; I asked him “How are you going to get your money back? What’s your plan?” but he couldn’t explain. I sent him WordPress XML-RPC examples so he could code a small app and think about ROI plan.

Tools can’t help you to keep your business afloat when you don’t understand the business. A fool with a tool is still a fool. Some people just don’t get it. If you’re one of them, stop being a pussy. It’s time to make crucial step toward business success ;} Tell your gf that you need a day off from her, take a glass of beer, open favorite IDE, and learn something. Asking questions is good, but answering is more important. Start from autoblogging or whatever is Ok for you.

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Simple PHP cURL WordPress spammer

The PHP cURL comment spammer is my Christmas present to spam-noobs. The script gets proxies and user agents from text files and comment data (users, emails, URLs, comment, target/spam URLs) from csv file. You can find all input files in ‘io’ folder and settings in ‘lib/constants.php’ file. Get proxies, user agents, comments and play a serious spam game 😀

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